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Constantly rising energy use and harmful CO₂ emissions are major contributors to climate change. Buildings are key offenders, responsible for over 38% of global emissions. Even today, buildings are still primarily heated by fossil fuels.

Facing the challenge of an energy transition, the building industry has a clear objective: achieve a 55% reduction in greenhouse gases by 2030.

PAUL Performance is strategically positioned to address these challenges.

Building managers face enormous challenges, including ensuring that assets do not become stranded through poor energy efficiency classes. Traditional solutions for reducing energy and CO₂ consumption often involve substantial financial, time and resource commitments.

Additionally, maintaining fair and sustainable tenant policies with reasonable rents is crucial, especially as energy prices and CO₂ tax rise.

PAUL optimizes the existing heating system, digitalizes the heating network and provides ongoing automated hydronic balancing, leading to substantial energy and CO₂ savings. The improvement in energy efficiency lowers CO₂ taxes and ancillary costs, ultimately increasing the property’s value.

PAUL now presents an innovative, fast and cost-neutral solution. Energy and CO₂ savings start right at the time of commissioning, immediately contributing to achieving heat transition targets.

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