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PAUL Tech makes history

WBG Fürth relies on PAUL Tech

The Mayor of Fürth, Dr Thomas Jung (SPD), confirmed the “national significance” of WBG Fürth, which saves 30% of the energy in existing buildings with PAUL Tech.

Fürth’s member of the Bundestag Carsten Träger (SPD), also the environmental policy spokesman for the SPD parliamentary group in the Bundestag, had drawn the mayor’s attention to PAUL at WBG Fürth. The housing industry, politicians and the media can now see onsite how PAUL can make significant energy savings in existing buildings without any investment.

Rolf Perlhofer, Managing Director of WBG Fürth, opened his cellar and reported on his successful experience with PAUL. Perlhofer’s WBG Fürth is regarded as a pioneer in the housing industry. He has been in talks with PAUL since 2022 and has now equipped the first 500 units with the system as a pilot project. Perlhoher enthusiastically points to an example, a property with 29% energy savings in the first analysis period – just in time for winter.

Savings of up to 20% are expected.

Member of the Bundestag Carsten Träger attests to a win-win-win situation: “PAUL is a great for everyone involved. Energy savings of up to 30% are possible without any upfront investment – particularly where we find it hardest, namely in rental apartments in existing buildings. PAUL offers a simple but brilliant solution that needs to be spread. More than half of the people in Germany rent. PAUL offers enormous savings and climate protection potential for all housing providers and tenants.”

Head of WBG-Fürth Rolf Perlhofer: “We were enthusiastic about the technology from the start. Solutions for existing properties that have already been modernized and have central heating systems are important. PAUL saves energy in existing buildings in a minimally invasive and cost-neutral way. We are testing this with 500 apartments and are enthusiastic after the initial analyses. After the final evaluations, we will equip our entire portfolio with PAUL.”

Maiko Dufner from PAUL Tech: “Germany’s cities are looking to Fürth. We need more pioneers like Lord Mayor Dr. Jung and WBG Managing Director Perlhofer because then Germany will take a significant step forward in the energy transition. The private housing industry has been using PAUL successfully for a long time. With WBG Fürth, PAUL is now also available in the public housing sector – that makes us proud. The PAUL approach is to regulate the grid quickly and cleanly in the basement without losing comfort. We also comply with the GEG and automatically perform adaptive hydronic balancing. This means that PAUL optimizes the pipe networks and permanently adjusts the heating network to the actual requirements of the connected users. It’s easy to save at least 20% of the existing energy without any investment.”

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