PAUL Performance: Maximizing efficiency using your existing heating systems - TÜV certified

PAUL enables you to achieve up to a 40% reduction in energy costs and CO₂ taxes

PAUL significantly reduces CO₂ emissions, contributing to climate protection and ensuring a more sustainable operation of heating systems

PAUL boosts buildings energy-efficient, conserving energy and enhancing the property value

PAUL curtails ancillary costs, aiding in the maintenance of affordable rents

PAUL enables adaptive permanent hydronic balancing, ensuring optimal distribution and utilization of heat within a building

PAUL digitalizes your building, providing you with transparent and real-time consumption data

PAUL seamlessly integrates with alternative heat generators like heat pumps, preparing your building for future heating technologies

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Our solution is ideal for a diverse range of properties, accommodating buildings with as few as 20 residential units to large portfolios exceeding 10,000 residential units. It is versatile across all asset classes, including care properties, hotels, offices, residential, retail and even maritime applications like ships.

The building blocks for our unique complete solution:

Smart product,
unparalleled service and
an unbeatable offer

Smart product, unparalleled service and an unbeatable offer


PAUL Performance technology intelligently and adaptively achieves hydronic balancing for heating and hot water in your buildings, reducing energy use, emissions and costs. It also ensures compliance with EnSimiMaV. PAUL Performance also prepares your property for using new heat generators such as heat pumps.


Our service comprehensively handles every aspect for you, starting with the initial data collection from your building to installing our hardware and software. This leads to the point where PAUL Performance initiates adaptive hydronic balancing. PAUL Live then controls the system and provides continuous access to real-time consumption data, ensuring ongoing insight and control.


The advantage for you is that there are no upfront investment costs, and our service qualifies as a maintenance service under the Operating Costs Ordinance, allowing for easy allocation. This ensures a boost in efficiency for the coming decade.

How it works

Synergy of hardware and software

Our unique blend of IoT-capable hardware, produced in-house, and our advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology ensures your heating and hot water systems operate at peak efficiency. By continuously adapting to the real-time demand of users, the heating network is always optimized. PAUL achieves ongoing adaptive hydronic balancing, digitalizes your building’s heat distribution and significantly reduces energy consumption.

The hardware components | Crafted and assembled by us in Mannheim

Strategically placed throughout the pipe network, these sensors collect and transmit temperature data. Our technical project managers determine their optimal placement during property inspections.

Positioned in the pipe’s return section, this valve controls the volume flow.

As motorized actuators, these valves are installed on the risers and automatically adjust the system’s volume flow with software support.

Acting as the data hub, this router interfaces with the software, collects data from sensors and relays commands from the software.

This device measures outdoor temperature and communicates it to the gateway.

PAUL Intelligence | Our digital components in action

Our custom app digitalizes your boiler room, documenting existing components like valves, and integrates this data into your property’s digital twin.

A precise digital replica of your building, representing all pipes and components, forms the basis for AI-driven control.

Our AI analyzes the data to create a dynamic building and usage profile, identifying savings opportunities and regulating actuators/valves. It continuously learns, optimizes and processes trillions of data points.

From our Mannheim headquarters, we continuously oversee and manage your system and lines, leveraging AI, the digital twin and expert input.

In our control center at our headquarters in Mannheim, we constantly monitor and control your system and lines with the help of the digital twin, artificial intelligence and human expertise.

This dashboard offers a real-time, transparent view of your system through various 3D and 360-degree perspectives, providing you with critical data, savings and reports.

Commissioning | Unlocking savings swiftly and effortlessly

Our service is unique because we manage every aspect of the process, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience from start to finish.


Collect detailed building data

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We focus on gathering crucial data points about your property, including location, size and ownership. This information is entered into our Master Data Management System (MDM). By contributing your data, you play a vital role in creating a robust and accurate database for your property.


building inspection

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We conducted a comprehensive inspection to record and document the unique traits and features of your buildings using the innovative PAUL App.


Tailored production and configuration

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The next step is to customize and configure the hardware components specifically for your building.


Expert installation

Expert installation

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Partner companies expertly execute the hardware installation. These companies are constantly trained on the installation process to ensure their knowledge is up-to-date.



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PAUL project managers oversee this crucial task. Their thorough final inspection and documentation are pivotal in ensuring your buildings are more sustainable and efficient.


Seamless connection to PAUL Live

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Upon successful installation and validation by our technical project manager, the crucial step of integrating your building with PAUL Live follows. This connection allows you to monitor your building's energy efficiency continuously. You have independent access to all data, conveniently available in detailed report formats.


Ongoing reporting and continuous optimization

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Rest assured that heating optimization in your buildings will not be a concern for at least the next ten years. Regardless of changes in tenant occupancy, you can maintain confidence that your buildings will consistently operate at peak energy efficiency.

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