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PAUL Tech makes history

PAUL at the ESG Conference 2024

Once again, PAUL participated in this year’s ESG Conference organized by FondsForum in Frankfurt. Represented by CSO Mathias Neumann, who took part in an engaging panel discussion on the topic “We want to transform – But how? Is the Real Estate Industry losing ESG Momentum?” Neumann emphasized the necessity of pragmatism and trust in experts within the real estate sector.

During the panel discussion, which also featured Jens Thumm, Co-Founder & CEO of Predium Technology GmbH, and Dr. Bernhard Frohn, Chairman of BOB efficiency design AG, Neumann drew a crucial conclusion: “The EU Taxonomy can be a tool to finally prompt action. However, actions and results are more important! ESG reporting should not be an end in itself but must initiate sustainable action, and that is precisely what we can achieve at PAUL.”


In an interview, he further explained that the real estate industry traditionally operates differently from other sectors. Nevertheless, this industry must also become active and embrace more pragmatism to achieve the set climate goals. He particularly highlighted the role of experts like PAUL, who can already help the real estate sector not only meet ESG requirements but also actively reduce CO2 emissions and accelerate the energy transition.

PAUL offers a simple yet holistic solution for the real estate industry that can be implemented today. Under the motto “Not just measuring, but doing,” PAUL focuses on practical and effective measures to meet ESG criteria and reduce CO2 emissions.

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