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PAUL Tech makes history

FAZ article: PAUL Tech’s revolutionary heating cost optimization through AI

In a detailed article, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (F.A.Z, 03.07.2024) reports on PAUL Tech’s disruptive plans to reduce the heating costs of existing properties using artificial intelligence (AI). 

CEO Sascha Müller explains how the company not only wants to optimize heating systems, but also become a comprehensive infrastructure provider for building management. The long-term goal is to sell heat directly. A brief insight into the topics of the article:

Revolutionary: energy optimization through artificial intelligence  

PAUL Tech offers a solution for optimizing the heating circuit of existing buildings using AI. This method makes it possible to reduce heating costs by 20 to 40 percent without installing new heating systems. The system is particularly suitable for existing properties with at least six residential units. 

The “PAUL” system uses sensors, valves and proprietary software to ensure optimally controlled heat distribution in buildings. The technology is easily installed in the boiler room and adapts to various factors such as the outside temperature and seasonal characteristics using AI control. 

From heating optimization to comprehensive energy supply  

Since its foundation in 2017, PAUL Tech has experienced rapid growth. With a turnover of 80 to 100 million euros this year and a doubling next year, Sascha Müller is aiming to expand the company further. The vision is to become the leading infrastructure provider in the building industry and to sell heat. In addition to the market in Germany, Sascha Müller sees great potential in the USA. Here, he plans to strengthen the company’s presence and aim for an IPO on the Nasdaq in order to achieve high sales in the long term.

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