The Heat Transition and the Heat Pump

In times of climate change and the urgent need to reduce our CO2 emissions, the heat transition is increasingly coming into focus. In particular, the heat pump is at the center as a technology that enables the transition to renewable energies and thus the elimination of fossil resources. The heat pump harnesses natural energy from […]

Why District Heating doesn’t drive the Heat Transition

Approximately 15 percent of households in Germany, as well as numerous industrial enterprises, are connected to the district heating network. Alongside heat pumps, district heating is intended to play a central role in climate-friendly heating. Predominantly municipal network operators are required by law to submit plans in the coming years on how they intend to […]

The Paris Climate Agreement: Turning Point for the Real Estate Industry

The conference led to the Paris Agreement, a legally binding treaty signed by almost all countries in the world. The agreement calls on participating countries to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, regularly report on their progress, and agree on financial support for developing countries to assist them in adapting to climate change. Before the 2015 […]

Optimization of Heat Networks and Heating through Artificial Intelligence.

Climate goals, heat transition, GEG – The current challenges of the building industry. The steadily increasing energy consumption and harmful CO2 emissions are drivers of climate change, with buildings accounting for over 38% of global emissions. With the goals of the heat transition, the building industry has a clear mandate to reduce these drivers. Within […]

The Future of Energy: An Analysis of the New Power Plant Strategy.

The introduction of the term “dark doldrums” into public discourse illustrates the challenges we face. It is undeniable that energy security must be ensured during prolonged periods of low solar and wind output. The new strategy therefore adopts a technology-neutral approach, enabling the exploration and implementation of various solutions. A key aspect of the power […]

Value depreciation and fear of stranded assets

In the real estate industry, the term “stranded assets” refers to properties or real estate projects that lose value or become unprofitable due to various factors. This can have several reasons: Overall, the term “stranded assets” in the real estate industry refers to certain properties or real estate projects losing value or becoming unprofitable due […]