PAUL Tech in E&M Magazine: Saving energy without upfront investment

PAUL Tech connects existing hardware with artificial intelligence (AI) to supply existing buildings with energy more efficiently. Without any upfront investment. “The energy transition in existing buildings will not succeed with software alone.” Sascha Müller, CEO of PAUL Tech AG, is convinced of this. “You have to get your fingers dirty once in a while.” Sascha Müller is convinced that PAUL can be a game changer in the building sector. Read the full article now (German): PAUL is growing continuously PAUL Tech now has more than 170 employees, particularly in research and IT. The company will probably be able to double its turnover this year. After around 60 million euros last year, it is expecting more than 120 million.

Growing PAUL Tech AG customer base confirms company success  

PAUL Tech AG is delighted to have acquired a large number of new customers in recent months who fit perfectly with our corporate philosophy.  Our focus on sustainability and energy efficiency has attracted many new partners, including housing associations that are committed to climate protection and the optimization of residential buildings. Many housing associations as new customers Our new customers benefit from our innovative solutions, which not only sustainably reduce energy consumption, but also cut operating costs. Particularly noteworthy is the cooperation with various housing associations, which are using our technologies to make their buildings more energy-efficient and thus make a valuable contribution to reducing CO2 emissions. These partnerships help to increase the quality of living for tenants and at the same time ensure profitability. The range of existing properties is broadening Through our partnerships, we cover a wide range of building types. In addition to residential buildings, this also includes commercial properties and clinics. Our expertise enables us to maximize the energy efficiency potential of a wide range of properties and actively contribute to the heating transition. PAUL’s strategic focus works PAUL Tech AG CEO Sascha Müller sums up this success aptly: “Seeing my company grow and develop is the ultimate reward. It shows me that our vision and commitment are bearing fruit and that we can really make a difference.” These words underline the importance of our mission and confirm that our efforts in the area of energy efficiency and climate protection are falling on fertile ground. Sustainability and economy go hand in hand Overall, our recent successes show that we are on the right track to provide sustainable and economically viable solutions for our customers. The new partnerships confirm that our vision of an energy-efficient and climate-friendly building stock is becoming a reality. Asklepios Klinik Bad Abbach GmbH        Asklepios Klinik Bad Abbach GmbH, part of the renowned Asklepios Group, offers comprehensive medical care and rehabilitation. PAUL can save energy not only in residential buildings. The combination of smart hardware and AI also saves valuable energy and resources in hospitals, care facilities, commercial units and schools. Baugenossenschaft Dormagen eG  As a non-profit housing company, Baugenossenschaft Dormagen eG aims to offer its members high-quality, affordable housing. It attaches great importance to sustainable construction methods and energy efficiency in order to promote resource-saving solutions. Baugesellschaft Nettetal – Gemeinnütziges Wohnungsunternehmen AG  Thanks to its non-profit orientation, Baugesellschaft Nettetal works in the public interest and supports socially disadvantaged population groups. The AG thus contributes to social integration and the development of the region. Brookfield Brookfield is a leading global investment firm specializing in long-term value creation. The company invests in high-quality, long-term value-add real estate projects and manages an extensive portfolio that includes commercial real estate, office buildings, retail space, logistics centers and residential properties. Eisenbahn-Bauverein Elberfeld eG Since it was founded in 1898, ebv has always aspired to create and maintain high-quality yet affordable living space. With a portfolio of over 2,300 apartments in Wuppertal, Haan-Gruiten and Erkrath, ebv offers its members a home with a high quality of life and excellent service. Sustainability is particularly important to ebv. Gemeinnützige Wohnungsbaugesellschaft mbH Wuppertal   The main objective of Gemeinnützige Wohnbaugesellschaft mbH is to offer affordable housing and thus contribute to social stability and quality of life in the city. The GmbH is involved in various construction projects in order to meet the demand for housing and create a diverse housing landscape. It attaches great importance to sustainable construction methods and energy efficiency in order to promote resource-saving solutions. Karl Danger Grundstücksverwaltung GmbH & Co. KG  The focus of Karl Danger Grundstücksverwaltung & Co. KG is on efficiently managing real estate portfolios and securing them for the long term. The KG offers comprehensive services such as letting, maintenance, accounting and facility management. The company strives to ensure sustainable and value-enhancing management of the properties it manages.  R&W Living GmbH   R&W Living GmbH strives to realize residential projects that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also offer a high level of living comfort and improve the lifestyle of their residents. Through its expertise and focus on customer satisfaction, R&W Living GmbH contributes to the development of attractive living spaces and supports the positive development of neighborhoods and regions. Sachsengrund Hausverwaltungsgesellschaft GmbH  Sachsengrund Hausverwaltungsgesellschaft focuses on the professional management and administration of residential and commercial properties as well as real estate portfolios. The GmbH offers comprehensive services such as letting, maintenance, accounting and facility management. Sandburg Projekt GmbH   Sandburg Projekt GmbH handles the entire process of a construction project, from the planning and construction phase to the marketing and management of the properties. It attaches great importance to quality, sustainability and innovation. Siedlungswerk Nürnberg GmbH  With its many years of experience and expertise in residential construction, Siedlungswerk Nürnberg GmbH contributes to the positive development of urban districts and to improving the quality of life in the region. WGH-Herrenhausen eG WGH-Herrenhausen eG offers its members secure and affordable housing in Hannover & Region, with income being used to improve the quality of housing, among other things. At present and in the future, WGH’s business model is also determined by sustainability. Wörner, Ziegler & Hoffmann GbR  Wörner, Ziegler & Hoffmann GbR Vermietungsgesellschaft is a company that specializes in letting properties. Its focus is on providing high-quality residential and commercial properties for tenants. The company offers a variety of properties for rent, including apartments, offices and commercial premises.

Energy transition: PAUL Tech in “forum Nachhaltig Wirtschaften”

An article by PAUL Tech CEO Sascha Müller was recently published in the decision-maker magazine forum Nachhaltig Wirtschaften (03/2024) describing the “transition in the energy transition”. In it, he explains PAUL Tech’s innovative complete solution, which aims to reduce energy costs in existing properties – quickly, easily and without investment costs. When asked why the heating transition is only getting off to a slow start, his answer is:  “The heating transition in Germany is happening too slowly and there is a real risk that it will not be achieved without disruptive measures. There is enormous untapped potential for CO₂ savings in existing buildings. PAUL Tech offers a solution to this problem that can be implemented immediately. Despite the large market, there are many providers who do not offer a comprehensive all-in-one solution. As a result, they leave their customers on their own and do not contribute effectively and quickly to the urgently needed heat transition.” The challenge of digital transformation In the age of digital transformation, organizations face the challenge of managing and optimizing their buildings more efficiently. Implementing IoT technologies to monitor and analyze energy consumption data in real time is crucial. PAUL Tech takes this one step further: its proprietary hardware not only analyzes energy data, but actively controls heating and water systems for more energy-efficient heating. This saves time, reduces costs and significantly increases efficiency. And all with the help of our own AI.  A look into the future  PAUL Tech offers property owners a holistic end-to-end package that optimizes energy consumption and reduces costs without the need for additional external service providers. At a time when efficiency and sustainability, but also cost-effectiveness, are becoming increasingly important, PAUL Tech ensures that companies have full control over their building infrastructures. 

Promising visit to HEIDELBERG Industry: Insights and partnership

Telli Arslan, Head of Procurement at PAUL, und Stefan Jech, Head of Production at PAUL, had the great pleasure of visiting HEIDELBERG Industry in Wiesloch. A big “thank you” to the entire team for their hospitality and inspiring discussions! We are optimistic about a successful and long-term cooperation. We were warmly welcomed by the team and were able to gain an impression of the impressive assembly production on site. Why this partnership suits PAUL Tech  Our focus at PAUL Tech is on using innovative solutions and AI to increase the energy efficiency of buildings and thus ensure that they retain their value. The partnership with HEIDELBERG Industry fits perfectly with our corporate philosophy, as both companies share a strong focus on quality and innovation.   HEIDELBERG Industry offers comprehensive foundry, assembly, production and electronics capacities and can draw on the many years of experience and extensive know-how of HEIDELBERGER Druckmaschinen AG. These competencies perfectly complement our own strengths in the areas of technology development and production optimization.   PAUL Tech and HEIDELBERG Industry: Common goals  Our goal at PAUL Tech is to offer our customers even better solutions through our collaboration with HEIDELBERG Industry. From development and prototyping to series production and spare parts supply, this partnership will enable us to further improve and expand our entire product range. As an external technology partner, HEIDELBERG Industry brings its specific expertise to the partnership, enabling us to take our products to an even higher level. Our shared commitment to quality and precision makes us a strong team, convinced that our cooperation will lead to convincing solutions that will make our customers more competitive and profitable. 

Annual reception of the Rhine-Neckar real estate network at PAUL Tech

It was a pleasure to welcome the Zukunft Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar e. V. association to our premises in Mannheim on the occasion of their 9th annual reception July 4th. We were delighted to be an event partner and host. Under the theme “Energy efficiency is the number one topic of the future”, the most important players in the commercial real estate industry from the region met to exchange ideas, make contacts and find out about sustainable solutions for the real estate industry.  Innovation and artificial intelligence for real estate – Made in Mannheim Christian Strunz, Head of Communications and Marketing Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar e. V., welcomed the guests on behalf of the Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar e. V., set the mood for a varied evening and called PAUL Tech: Innovation made in Mannheim!  Keynote speech: Wasting energy intelligently Prof. Timo Leukefeld, expert for networked energy self-sufficiency, encouraged people to think and rethink with his exciting keynote speech “Waste energy intelligently!” and emphasized how important the intrinsic enthusiasm of all players in the energy and real estate industry is in order to put ideas and new business models into practice.  PAUL Tech guided tours for all attendees During the guided tours by PAUL Tech experts Maiko Dufner, Ralf Lanzrath and Timo Jäger, the guests were also able to gain exclusive insights into PAUL Tech’s test and control station and thus discover live on site what Sascha Müller, CEO of PAUL Tech, emphasized in his welcoming speech: all disciplines are available in-house at all of the company’s locations.

FAZ article: PAUL Tech’s revolutionary heating cost optimization through AI

In a detailed article, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (F.A.Z, 03.07.2024) reports on PAUL Tech’s disruptive plans to reduce the heating costs of existing properties using artificial intelligence (AI).  CEO Sascha Müller explains how the company not only wants to optimize heating systems, but also become a comprehensive infrastructure provider for building management. The long-term goal is to sell heat directly. A brief insight into the topics of the article: Revolutionary: energy optimization through artificial intelligence   PAUL Tech offers a solution for optimizing the heating circuit of existing buildings using AI. This method makes it possible to reduce heating costs by 20 to 40 percent without installing new heating systems. The system is particularly suitable for existing properties with at least six residential units.  The “PAUL” system uses sensors, valves and proprietary software to ensure optimally controlled heat distribution in buildings. The technology is easily installed in the boiler room and adapts to various factors such as the outside temperature and seasonal characteristics using AI control.  From heating optimization to comprehensive energy supply   Since its foundation in 2017, PAUL Tech has experienced rapid growth. With a turnover of 80 to 100 million euros this year and a doubling next year, Sascha Müller is aiming to expand the company further. The vision is to become the leading infrastructure provider in the building industry and to sell heat. In addition to the market in Germany, Sascha Müller sees great potential in the USA. Here, he plans to strengthen the company’s presence and aim for an IPO on the Nasdaq in order to achieve high sales in the long term.

Strong duo for the energy transition: PAUL and WISAG

PAUL stands for innovative technologies and sustainable energy solutions. To enable us to step up the pace of the energy transition, we are now working with WISAG, one of the leading service providers in the facility services sector, to implement projects that will make a significant contribution to a sustainable future. We are very proud of this new partnership with WISAG and are starting together in Munich and Berlin, with the aim of soon expanding our cooperation to the whole of Germany. Combining our expertise As a team of experts, we are bringing together both sides’ broad technical know-how and comprehensive service expertise. We focus on intelligent solutions to maximize energy efficiency in buildings and reduce CO2 emissions. WISAG is taking big steps towards a sustainable future Like PAUL, WISAG is committed to sustainability and digitalization. WISAG is not only pursuing its own sustainability goals tenaciously, but is also driving forward the energy transition in Germany as a whole. “Especially as a family-owned company, we see it as our duty to assume social responsibility and thus enable current and future generations to have a climate-friendly future worth living,” says Michael C. Wisser, CEO of the WISAG Group. Let’s look forward to good cooperation!

Energy transition: PAUL is definitely “best practice”

PAUL is a role model for a successful energy transition and was presented as best practice at the energy forum of Landesenergieagentur Sachsen-Anhalt GmbH (LENA). Saxony-Anhalt’s real estate and energy industries are networking with the aim of exploiting synergies. Both sectors play a key role in the energy transition and climate protection. Marko Mühlstein, Managing Director of LENA, emphasizes that the heating transition is a “sleeping giant” that holds enormous potential. Important synergies between the real estate and energy industries LENA has once again proven that both sectors are on the right track. Successful heat and energy master plans, effective funding programs and innovative technologies such as PAUL are crucial. As Marko Mühlstein says: “We are all pulling in the same direction.” Maiko Dufner from PAUL was invited to provide impetus at the Energy Forum and emphasized the important synergies between the real estate and energy industries and digitalization. “A big thank you to LENA for the organization and the platform for this valuable exchange,” said Duffner. The goal: Useful solutions for the future The ENERGIEFORUM Saxony-Anhalt has been offering an important dialog platform for stakeholders from society, companies, administration and politics for years. Together we are looking for sustainable, economic and socially useful solutions for the future. In the picture from left to right: Maiko Dufner, Dr. Andrea Gauselmann from Kompetenzzentrum Energieeffizienz durch Digitalisierung (KEDi), Uwe Zischalke Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Energie, Klimaschutz & Umwelt des Landes Sachsen-Anhalt, Marko Mühlstein GF LENA, Dirk Tempke MVV Energie AG, Anne Jakobs und Dipl.-Wirt.Ing.(FH) Dirk Trappe LENA.

Keynote speech by Sascha Müller at the P5 Property Congress

6 panels, 22 keynotes and 48 workshops formed the framework of the new platform for the real estate industry: the P5 Congress 2024 in Frankfurt brought together an unusual and high-caliber selection of speakers and topics. From students to PropTech to investors – the diversity among the 1,500 visitors was impressive. Of course, PAUL Tech AG was not to be missed. As a top partner, we exchanged ideas on site at our stand with real estate investors, family offices and project developers about PAUL performance in existing properties, energy savings, sustainability, ESG and PropTech. Net Zero in existing buildings with PAUL A highlight for us and the audience was the keynote speech by our CEO Sascha Müller on the topic of “Net Zero in existing buildings through AI”, which captivated the visitors on site. His presentation provided exciting insights into the future of the real estate industry with the support of artificial intelligence and showed how PAUL can make a decisive contribution to achieving Net Zero in existing buildings. “With PAUL Net Zero, we ensure permanent hydronic balancing and enable the installation of energy-efficient heat pumps. In combination with a PV system, we make existing buildings of all asset classes independent of fossil fuels and already guarantee a CO2-neutral energy supply. Without CapEx and always 1 cent cheaper than local district heating,” said Sascha Müller, describing PAUL’s unique offer. The lasting impression of the P5 Congress 2024 in Frankfurt: the industry players must take the future of the real estate sector into their own hands and actively shape it together.

PAUL joined “Tag der Immobilienwirtschaft 2024” as PropTech experts

PAUL Tech AG was represented as a premium sponsor at the Tag der Immobilienwirtschaft (TDI) 2024 organized by the ZIA Zentraler Immobilien Ausschuss e.V. alongside many other major players in the real estate sector at the Tempodrom in Berlin.   The TDI is one of the most important events for the industry and politicians and provided the ideal framework for an intensive dialog between the approximately 2,500 leading real estate representatives. In keynote speeches, talks, expert panels and as part of the entrepreneur panel, the exclusive guests and top political decision-makers discussed financial issues, climate protection, city design, digitalization, offices, healthcare, retail, hotels, logistics and housing in an open, solution-oriented and forward-looking manner. The idea: Offering a stage for new beginnings The TDI 2024 offered an ideal “stage for new beginnings” to counter the current challenges facing the real estate industry with stronger efforts. The opening speech “Resilient. Together. Determined. Now more than ever!” by the new ZIA President Iris Schöberl (CT Real Estate GmbH) was particularly inspiring – we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate her on her new role. Another special moment was the farewell to outgoing President Dr. Andreas Mattner by Federal Minister of Finance Christian Lindner, who emphasized in his speech how important it is to keep the market functioning in order to meet the current challenges.  Mathias Neumann from PAUL joined the expert panel PAUL Tech AG also had the unique opportunity to join the discussion on stage as part of the panel “From A to C is clear, but who takes care of F to H?” – How does the transformation succeed and who finances it?”. Together with Katharina Herrmann, Sascha Klaus and Wiebke Merbeth, our CSO Mathias Neumann discussed the key levers against the backdrop of sustainability, taxonomy, transformation, ESG and the necessary financing. The keynote speech “Dress warmly, it’s getting hot!” by Sven Plöger, meteorologist, author and TV presenter, also inspired the participants on site. His clear words about the urgency of climate change call on us all to act quickly. The outstanding topics and professional speakers at this year’s TDI left a lasting impression on all those present. We will continue to maintain an intensive dialog with our customers, potential new customers and partners after the event and are already looking forward to TDI 2025.